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Rope Cattle Oilers

Pioneer Coupler Cattle Oilers are simple to use, heavy-duty, and long-lasting.

Double Rope Oiler

  • Apply oil and insecticide onto ropes by gravity, no pumps and gadgets
  • Oil is gentler on animals than diesel fuel
  • Oil treats hair coats and reduces flies and lice
  • Animals use oiler instead of rubbing on fences and feed bunks
  • Built out of 7/8” pipe and heavy-duty plates for years of reliable service
  • Ropes are user-friendly and wrap around animals for maximum coverage
  • Gentle rubbing action does not tear out ear tags
  • Weld-on kits available to be attached to all types of old oiler frames
  • On-farm service calls available at reasonable rates

Cattle Oiler Testimonials

Pioneer Coupler Oil Delivery System

“I use oilers year round and put a lightweight mineral oil in them and mix insecticide with the oil. I am very satisfied with the low maintenance and reliability of these due to the Pioneer Coupler oil delivery system. In the winter the cattle rub the oilers instead of the fences. In the summertime, the cattle are out grazing and not bunched in the fence corners”

Ed Omiecinski

Wiseton, Saskatchewan

Double Rope Oiler with Feeders

“Over the years I have purchased three rope oilers equipped with Pioneer Couplers. In the winter and spring I noticed the hair coats on the cattle were shiny and healthy with no bare patches. I am very satisfied and recommend these oilers to all cattlemen.”

Jack Hextall

Grenfell, Saskatchewan

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